A Message from the Team…….

We are really excited to share our first national symposium with you. On The Rise – Create, Connect, Culture has been long-standing a vision of Yamurrah.

Yamurrah is an established practise working in the health, healing, law and justice sector – we work with individuals, communities and key agencies. Our team is comprised of First Nations – Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander people who have worked for many years supporting trauma survivors and their families, influencing policy and legislation, as researchers, clinicians, academics and policy makers. We are committed to our ways of healing and empowerment, trauma informed culturally responsive practise and improving systemic responses to First Nations.

On the Rise – Create, Connect, Culture creates a space for us to collectively connect our voices, practices and ideas. At the end of the day, we do this for those who have come before us, those who walk among us and those who are yet to come. Our ways of doing, being and knowing – matter in our healing and recovery.

For further information about people in our team – head over to the webpage www.yamurrah.com.au

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