Supporting workers in a culturally safe way

Yamurrah has been providing supervision services for 20 years and offers both clinical and cultural supervision to both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal workers.  All supervision sessions are provided by First Nations clinicians who are trauma-informed and hold a relevant qualifications Social Work, Psychology or Human Services.

All Supervision sessions are guided by Yamurrah’s of connection, integrity, empowerment, humility, social justice and safety. These values are also consistent with the Australian Social Work Association values and ethics code.

Supervision Alliance: Our Ways
Yamurrah provides supervision services nationwide, and we take great pride in establishing a national alliance of First Nations Supervisors. This self-determined alliance brings together our unique ways of providing supervision. Recently, our alliance gathered on Bundjalung Country to discuss the Alliance and our philosophy of care. We are excited to share our findings through a journal article in the near future. This initiative is the first of its kind, representing a national collaboration focused on cultural supervision.


Cultural Supervision for Aboriginal Workers

Our cultural supervision offers a space for you to reflect on your practise and importantly provides cultural context which is often a critical component that is not available in mainstream supervision.

All our supervisors are First Nations clinicians – we will work with you in ways that support you. Online and face to face sessions are all options.

Cultural Supervision for Non-Aboriginal Workers

If you are not Aboriginal but are a clinician, practitioner, manager or policy advisor working specifically with Aboriginal people or communities, – you should really being getting cultural supervision.

How would you know your practise is culturally responsive or relevance without that? We highly recommend you consider this if you are not already doing so.


Group Supervision

Yamurrah can provide group supervision sessions for your workplace. This can be for a specific purpose or on a regular basis.

Regular supervision has many benefits for teams. It give you a space to reflect on your work together, discuss complex case matters, share ideas and information and consider strength based strategies that can enhance your teamwork and individual practise.

Specific group supervision uses may be where members of the same workplace have a collective experience, such as the loss of staff member, or have experienced a change in management. It may assist with managing complex conversations and working towards a shared vision or it could be about discussing the achievements of the service.

In larger groups, more than one supervisor may be required to maintain cultural safety. It is recommended that group supervision sessions are held for approximately 2 hours.

Group supervision sessions can be negotiated as a one-off event or regularly scheduled sessions.

Clinical Supervision

We offer clinical supervision to enhance your professional development, in a culturally reflexive way. This may be helpful to allied health professionals, trauma specialists, counsellors or those working with children, young people or adult survivors of complex and/or collective trauma.


Supervision is a collaborative and professional relationship

Supervision is a collaborative and professional relationship that is developed with trust and cultural safety. One of the central purposes of supervision is to support the supervisee to explore issues that may impact on them in their work. It is a safe place to talk and explore innovative ways of addressing complex matters. Through supporting the supervisee, supervision provided by Yamurrah may indirectly support clients that the supervisee provides a service to as well.

Supervision | Wellbeing Enquiry

For exisiting and new session bookings, please fill in this form which will help us connect the right person with you.  We will be in touch soon.

Supervision | Wellbeing Session Request Form

Use this form to request a supervision or wellbeing session

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Requirements for the supervision you would like to recieve eg. gender, specialised sector knowledge on particular issue, a supervisor of a particular generation ie.grandmother, Elder, Clinical/Cultural or both. This helps us connect you with the person with the most appropriate skills, knowledges and experiences to support your professional development.
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For large organisations, please advise your department / division / team
Organisation Agreement With Yamurrah
Prior to session commencement, an organisation agreement needs to be in place. If there isn't, we can facilitate that for you. Please provide the authorising manager contact details to organise this.
Examples of information you could provide: The work you do, your professional interests, your goals for supervision or anything else you want to tell us about who you are or specific needs you might have.
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