Yamurrah provides extensive consultancy, clinical and cultural supervision, professional development, project management, and research and evaluation services with more than twenty-five years of clinical and non-clinical industry experience.

Yamurrah works in collaboration with our clients to create partnerships that are built on mutual respect and trust, cultural safety, transparency and a commitment to upholding high level ethical standards and values.

Aboriginal Worldviews and Healing Frameworks

The workshops explore and integrates Aboriginal worldviews and philosophises, trauma informed care and healing frameworks. Each workshop can be customised in design and delivery. Participants will walk away with an improved knowledge and strategies for working with Aboriginal people.

These workshops are suitable for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal practitioners working in clinical, community and policy settings to increase professional capability in responding to the unique needs of Aboriginal people.

Cultural Proficiency – Working with clients

The workshops explore conceptual understanding and insights required to progress from cultural safety to cultural proficiency. Cultural proficiency is pivotal to providing in-depth, high quality and holistic support and services to Aboriginal people.

These workshops are suitable for non-Aboriginal practitioners, caseworkers and managers working with Aboriginal clients and communities.

Cultural Proficiency – Working in policy and projects

The workshops provide strategic leaders with the opportunity to explore in-depth, what is required to develop comprehensive policies and projects with consideration to the complexities of contemporary and historical experiences of Aboriginal Australia.

These workshops are suitable for project management and policy development.

Resisting Burnout and Sustaining self-care

The workshops explore an understanding of occupational stress, compassion fatigue and long-term exhaustion. Burnout can include low energy, loss of interest in work, irritability with colleagues and family members. Participants will identify what burn-out is, how effectively manage it and develop strategies for self-care.  This workshop help you formulate a plan immersed in ethics, values and fostering healthy professional boundaries.

The workshop is suitable for employees working in healthcare, trauma services, disability, child protection, justice and education.

Trauma Informed Care

The workshops will provide participants with the opportunity to understand what trauma-informed care is, the guiding principles and frameworks, and how to respond in a culturally proficiency trauma-informed way.

These workshops are suitable for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal employees working in healthcare, disability, justice, education, child protection and employment.

Lateral Violence

The Flipping the Script workshop is targeted to Aboriginal audiences and explores what lateral is and the impact on individuals, communities and workplaces. The workshop upskills staff to know when it is happening to them, how to identify it in the workplace and community, and how to respond effectively.

The workshop is designed on key concepts and ideologies of trauma-informed care, human rights frameworks and Aboriginal worldviews.

Yamurrah offers customised packages for managers leading teams affected by lateral violence.  

Cultural Proficiency – Managing teams

The cultural proficiency workshop for Managers is targeted to team leaders and managers who supervise culturally diverse groups and teams. We can help you unlock ways to support teams in a culturally safe, trauma informed way, giving you confidence to move beyond tensions and team dynamics.

Vicarious trauma

The workshops explore the concepts and complexity of vicarious trauma and the impact on the social, emotional and physical wellbeing of those who experience it. Vicarious trauma is common in the fields of healthcare, child protection, disability and justice. This workshop is strength based and will enhance your hopefulness to continue working in the field of trauma and healing.

Holistic healing workshop

This unique healing workshop incorporates Aboriginal healing concepts, mindfulness, breath work and sound therapy. We can develop specific packages for trauma survivors, those who are supporting trauma survivors and those wanting to increase their own health and well-being.

Heartspace with Drumming

We offer the heartspace with drumming program in different settings. This program is relevant for team building and collaboration, groupwork and therapeutic practises, and even supervision spaces. It is dynamic and fun, but also brings trauma and healing expertise. It is great for working with young people.

Therapeutic Art

Our therapeutic art workshop can be facilitated with small groups and teams who are working on their own healing or support others in their healing pathways. This is suitable for all ages, genders and culturally diverse group.

We can run this specific for Aboriginal participants.

Yoga, dance and body movement

We can offer yoga body movement or dance workshops from teens, groups or individuals. Dance workshops can be aboriginal specific, all our practitioner have extensive years of experience and can work with you in an interactive way. Our Practitioners work with all ages, cultural backgrounds and genders.