Wellbeing Sessions

Yamurrah provide well-being and clinical sessions on request. We have a very experienced clinical team –who are culturally and professionally diverse that can support you. These sessions are confidential, your sacred yarning space is important and we will work alongside you with cultural frameworks and clinical care and integrity.

We provide an alternate to EAPS service with a number of our partners including:

  • Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • Parliament of NSW
  • Aboriginal Affairs
  • Aboriginal Language Trust
  • University of Technology
  • University of NSW
  • Legal Aid NSW
  • Yerin Aboriginal Medical Service
  • And more….

We also provide well-being and clinical sessions through our pro bono portfolio – for further information please click on RISE.

To link with one of our clinicians – please text 0451 500 584 or email info@yamurrah.com.au

Rowena will have a yarn with you and explore best options, and help you navigate a personalised well-being plan.

Individual, family and group counselling

Yamurrah can provide individual, couples and family counselling. We can work with you on trauma recovery, drug and or alcohol addictions, grief or loss or anything that may be troubling you. Our qualified Counsellors have extensive experience and can provide a safe, connected and empowering service to you.


A significant proportion of our counselling services are offered to you pro bono or with a medicare rebate.

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Group work with children, adolescents and adults

Yamurrah also runs groups with children and adolescents, families and communities. We can provide this service on request and runs groups in a one of basis or over a period of time.

Wellbeing | Counselling Request Form

Wellbeing | Counselling Session Request Form

Use this form to request a wellbeing | counselling session

Your Name(Required)
Do you identify as Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or both?
Do you identify as Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander or both?
Type of Session Required and who is this for?*
Type of Session Required and who is this for?(Required)
Requirements for the session you would like to recieve eg. gender, specialised sector knowledge on particular issue, a clinician of a particular generation ie.grandmother, Elder, Clinical/Cultural or both. This helps us connect you with the clinician with the most appropriate skills, knowledges and experiences to support you.
One-off, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly - or another that suits your requirements.
Preferred Connection
Preferred Connection
Examples of information you could provide: Your goals for the session or anything else you want to tell us or specific needs you might have.
Organisation Agreement With Yamurrah

Organisation Information

This section is only required if the wellbeing sessions is being supported by your manager/organisation i.e alternate EAP, part of professional development, supported by HR.
Organisation Agreement With Yamurrah
Prior to session commencement, an organisation agreement needs to be in place. If there isn't, we can facilitate that for you. Please provide the authorising manager contact details to organise this.
For large organisations, please advise your department / division / team
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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