Training & Development

Our collective members have outstanding skills in training development and assessment and can work with you to develop competency-based training, curriculum development and assessing. Our collective members provide numerous training workshops and our training packages offered below can be customised to suit your service. Training is offered both in person and online.

We understand the importance of personalisation, which is why we engage in co-design and foster connections with the service providers we collaborate with we develop relationships with you and will develop connections pre, during and post the training.

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic , we forged partnerships with various service providers to create and deliver industry specific training. We understood the importance of addressing the unique needs and challenge that arose during this period. Our training offerings encompassed a range of vital topics such as worker wellness, trauma informed care, cultural safety and anti-racism, child protection training and supporting managers in leading their teams effectively.

The opportunity to collaborate with teams in a connected manner is particularly valued by us. We remain committed to continuing our partnerships, and delivering training that is not only effective but also adaptive to ever-evolving needs of the various intersecting industries.

We understand the importance of staying up to date with the latest research, legislations, information and knowledges in striving to deliver high quality training . We believe that it is not enough to simply deliver the training; we must also mirror the processes and techniques that we teach. By doing so, we provide participants with a first-hand experience of the best practises in action.

Our educators are highly experienced, knowledgeable and also carefully considered for each training that we deliver. There is a lot of thought that goes into how we provide training, and who will provide the training. We genuinely care about the work we do and are always improving our services, to give our participants the best we can offer.

We are also committed to other formal education pathways and teach into these including the ECAV Aboriginal qualification pathway in partnership with Sydney University. Many of our Collective Members are academics (professors, senior lecturers, and tutors at various universities).

Visit our Training & Events Page for further information on our training calendar, course information and events.


Events & Facilitation

Yamurrah has become renowned for its expertise in hosting and facilitating a wide range of event, high-level forums and workshops. Our reputation is built on our ability to create a safe and conducive environment for informed and productions discussions.

We excel in providing a space where participants can freely express their thoughts and ideas. Our commitment to maintaining a secure and inclusive atmosphere sets us apart from others. Here are just a few of our noteworthy aspects of our service:

Safety and Inclusion – meticulous planning, co-collaborative engagements and experienced facilitation prioritises safety, well-being and inclusion of all participants. Everyone has equal value in our spaces.

Informed facilitation – our skilled facilitators possess a deep understanding of the subject matter at hand, bringing their expertise and knowledge to the table, leading to engaging discussions and valuable insights from participants

Space for Growth – providing a space for personal and professional growth, opportunities for networking, collaboration, learning, sharing, and expansion
Thoughtful yarning – we facilitate discussions that promote critical thinking, open mindedness and diverse perspectives

Tailored Experiences – we understand the unique requirements of each event and tailor our services accordingly. Whether its large scale or intimate workshops, we can adapt to meet your specific needs

At Yamurrah – we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver exceptional event hosting and facilitation services. Our commitment to safety, informed discussions, and creating a nurturing space ensures that every participant’s experience is both enriching and memorable.

We have facilitated many events and forums but some featured ones include:

Community Legal Centres – Big Yarn up with brought together over 100staff to network, develop key principles of cultural safety and focus on well-being

Healing Foundation – hosting healing forums nationally -bringing together Aboriginal community members and key stakeholders to explore healing in local communities

SNAICC – facilitation of national conversation re: practise and reform of the implementation of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander Placement Principles

NSW Health - Improving the Common Approach to Identification and Support (CAIS)
This included hosting workshops with key stakeholders on the development of a sector-wide framework, policy and legislative proposals and workforce resources for identifying and responding to children and young people with problematic and harmful sexual behaviours.

Child Safety Standards – facilitation of national forum to develop national child safety standards that form the national action plan on the prevention of child abuse
NSW Department of Communities and Justice State-wide Aboriginal gathering – we hosting the workshop of well-being and did interactive activities as well including weaving, dance, art and the tree of life. It brought together over 200 Aboriginal workers and was a absolutely amazing space filled with blak joy.

Examples of Recent Training

Yamurrah take pride in offering “one of a kind” training packages specifically designed for service providers.

A shining illustration of this is our partnership with the Three Rivers Regional Assembly, who graciously invited Yamurrah, to deliver culturally responsive trauma informed training within Wiradjuri and Weilwan communities. Working alongside communities is an absolute honour, and some have even extended invitations for us to return and provide further training.

We worked in partnership with TunedIN Consultancy and the Department of Communities and Justice to provide the Journey of Integrated Care with Aboriginal Children, Families and Communities. This four part training series – which featured guest speaker presentations, focused on supporting child protection casework that aligns with self-determination, human rights and best practise standards.

“I have a renewed focus on the importance of family-led decision making. It was a deeper dive into culture and our practise as child protections workers than I have ever experienced before. The whole training was inspiring and thought-provoking”

“The journey of integrated practise has been some of the best training I have ever participated in”

Yamurrah has provided trauma informed care – lawyerly yarns to a number of legal services including the Public Interest Advocacy Service (PIAC) and the Central Coast Community Legal Service.PIAC co-collaborated with Yamurrah on the development of specific trauma informed principle to support legal practises.

We work with Aboriginal Medical Services including Elanor Duncan Aboriginal Services to provide culturally responsive trauma informed training to their allied Health practitioners, GP’s, Child Protection Specialists, Disability Workers and Mental Health Clinicians.  We were proud to provide training to services that work with survivors with complex trauma such as KBHAC.  We developed the trauma content and resources for the eLearning training package for ‘Everyone’s Business’ and have provided this to the Public Service Commission and continue to provide this to public sector employees.


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