• Management of high-level projects.
  • Community development projects.
  • Systemic reform work.
  • Research, reporting, evaluations, strategic planning.
  • Cultural audits.
  • Consultancy.
  • Collaborative and creative working.

At Yamurrah, we pride ourselves on being your dedicated partner, working hand in hand with you and alongside you to achieve transformative outcomes. Our wide range of services is designed to support your organisation and community, leaving a lasting positive impact.

  • Management of High-Level Projects: With our extensive expertise and experience, we excel in managing complex and high-level projects. From inception to completion, we provide comprehensive project management services, ensuring efficiency, effectiveness, and successful outcomes.
  • Community Development Projects: We are deeply committed to empowering communities. Through community development projects, we collaborate with local stakeholders to identify needs, design solutions, and implement sustainable initiatives that uplift and strengthen communities.
  • Systemic Reform Work: Our team is passionate about driving systemic change. We work diligently to challenge and reform existing structures and practices, aiming for equitable and inclusive systems that benefit everyone.
  • Research, Reporting, Evaluations, Strategic Planning: Data-driven decision-making is at the core of our approach. We conduct thorough research, compile insightful reports, and carry out evaluations to inform strategic planning, ensuring that your organization operates at its best.
  • Cultural Audits: Understanding and respecting cultural nuances and context is essential. Our cultural audits help identify areas for improvement and ensure your organisation embraces diversity and cultural sensitivity.
  • Consultancy: Yamurrah's consultancy services are tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you require guidance on policy development, program design, or organisational growth, we offer expert insights and practical recommendations to achieve your goals.
  • Collaborative and Creative Working: We believe in the power of collaboration and creativity. By working together, we harness diverse perspectives, fostering innovative solutions that lead to profound and lasting change.
  • At Yamurrah, our commitment to working with you ensures that our services are not only effective but also responsive to your unique vision and values. Together, let's create a brighter future, one that promotes empowerment, cultural connection, and positive change.

At Yamurrah, we are committed to delivering high quality consultancy services that drive meaningful change and create positive outcomes for our clients. We approach each project with care, dedication and a focus on building strong connections with our clients.

We offer a broad range of consultancy services, including project management, strategic planning, evaluation and impact assessment, stakeholder management, policy development, training and development, and community engagement.

Some examples of our current and recent consultancy work include:

Everyone’s Business - building culturally safe workplaces and services for the public sector in NSW. Yamurrah work alongside the Public Service Commission to develop training content and resources to support the E-learning training package. Everyone’s Business is mandatory for all NSW public service employees. Centred in the training is the moving stories of Stolen Generations Survivors. The training was a recommendation of the Bringing Them Home Report 1997. and inclusion/aboriginal workforce/everyonee28099s business

Yamurrah worked in partnership with the Office of the Children’s Guardian to develop “Your Story: Practise Guidelines to Engaging First Nations Applicants in the Working With Children’s Check Risk Assessment Process”. Referring to the NSW Parliamentary Hansard on the Committee on Children and Young People – Steve Gholab
| Director |Working with Children’s Check referred to working with Yamurrah “we expanded to the development of Your Story guide, which we’re very proud of, that we’ve implemented just recently. That was developed in collaboration with Yamurrah, a First Nationals professional service that is trauma informed and guided by Aboriginal worldviews and Aboriginal healing frameworks. That tool assists our risk assessment staff in the way to engage with First Nations individuals, to consider trauma informed care principles around car, empowerment and other trauma informed practises”. parliament nsw gov au/ladocs/transcripts/2950/Transcript - 24 June 2022- Review of the annual reports of the ACYP and the OCG.pdf

Yamurrah worked in partnership with Community Legal Services Australia to co-create and development in partnership with Aboriginal stakeholders principles to address racism and unconscious bias and value Aboriginal voices and expertise in the Community Legal Centres workplace: empowerment, leadership, cultural safety, workplace safety and be trauma informed.

“the Yamurrah team were amazing and so was CLCNSW. Well done all – I am so blessed to be working with people like you who support me”


NCOSS Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan 2022-2023
Yamurrah worked with NCOSS to help them begin their commitment to reconciliation, working with them to be a stronger ally, taking an active stand against racism, including policy and practise that is racially biased. The RAP develop a holistic framework to support heir work with the following fundamental principles: self-determination, empowerment, partnership, collaboration, respect and reciprocity, cultural humility and representation. ncoss org au/about/reflect reconciliation action plan/

Yamurrah supported the policy development of the “Integrated Trauma-informed Care Framework: My Story, my health, my future” produced by the Prevention and Response to Violence, Abuse and Neglect, Government Relations Branch, NSW Ministry of Health. The framework “brings together elements of trauma informed care and integrated care to enhance the experiences of clients and their families and carers accessing NSW Health Services. It provides guidance to staff, as well as a platform for the changes required to implement this type of care” Susan Pearce Secretary, NSW Health
health nsw gov au/patients/trauma/Publications/itic framework.pdf

A few current projects:
Project Respect is a broad program of work that aims to create a shared vision of cultural safety for everyone who works at Legal Aid NSW. We are currently working in collaboration with Legal Aid NSW, the Learning Centre for System Change and NOUS.

Yamurrah is currently working in partnership with SNAICC to co-designing with First Nations experts a trauma-aware, healing-informed and culturally appropriate national training package and resources to improve cultural safe responses of the primary health care system for First Nations victim-survivors of child sexual abuse. The project aims to improve early disclosure experience of, and responses to, First Nations victim- survivors of child sexual abuse by the primary health care system.



Yamurrah regularly undertakes research projects that underpins specific projects, training or results in recommendations for organisations.

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