Privacy Policy

Yamurrah is strongly committed to protecting your privacy.  Any information provided to us remains confidential and is only used for the purposes of your connection to us and for communication with you including if you have registered on our website where the terms and conditions are outlined.  Please note that Yamurrah will review and update both this privacy policy and the terms and conditions when registering with us.  Further Yamurrah will regularly review practices in keeping information secure.

Yamurrah will never sell your contact details eg. Marketing lists, nor provide them to other organisations.  We will keep your contact details secure on our database unless we are requested by you that your information is not stored.


Anyone who has provided their information to Yamurrah may choose to opt-out of communication at any time, to do this please send us an email to or via any of the Yamurrah phone, postal address or email address details provided on the website contact page.

Collection and Disclosure of Information

Use of your financial details following payment transactions for services are done so via our secure website which is continually checked to ensure the highest security measures are used.

Access to Information

Individuals on the Yamurrah database may have access to their own personal information. This information may be requested by contacting us via any of the contact information on the Yamurrah website contact page.


Yamurrah takes feedback seriously and will reply prompty to understand and respond to the matter.  Any feedback should be sent to the Director of Yamurrah using the details provided on the website contact page.

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